About Me

Hi I'm Cathy.
A full time working
momma to 4 gorgeous kids
and wife to one great hubby!

This is my little family:


The hubs
My oldest-Charity aka model extraordinaire and she holds true to her name
she is a great example of love
Levi-tender hearted, loves his momma but all boy
Gideon-twin to Levi, still wants to be the baby, and a true momma's boy
and our grand finale--Delilah
I hope to share with you little glimpses of JUST ME,
which includes the people I love along with
my interests in crocheting, occasional knitting,
sewing, baking/cooking, and well just life in general.

I hope you will stay awhile and follow along.
This is the one occasion will being a follower 
is TOTALLY acceptable :)


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