Tuesday, June 4, 2013

DIY Projects! I'm giving it a go!

So lately I've been wanting to fix things up a bit around the house....or maybe just declutter things a bit!  I got this big idea to install a wall of book shelves since my husband's hobby is to collect books like it's his job (just wait til you see the pics....)!

So I questioned my dad the builder to see if he thought first off if it was something I could do?  Of course he said I could do it but he'd help....  The brat that I am doesn't want help because I want to be able to DO IT MYSELF.  I know I'm a brat....but in my defense how will I learn if someone does it for me.  I need to learn to be a DIYer because I have bigger plans ahead!

Anyway so after a frustrating trip to Menards where we retrieved our shelving supplies...the project began!

This is what my wall looked like before I painted and hung shelving.

After some color.

Tracks are up!

Let me just clarify that there is one more shelf being added to this and one small bookshelf went up stairs to our room and some books even went into our closet shelving.....A LOT OF BOOKS!  Seriously!

So this was my first project....I had to paint, cut the shelf boards down by 1 inch (love power tools), and use a drill to get the tracks up!  Pretty easy...my dad did help with cutting down the boards.  My husband helped by keeping the littles away so I could indulge in this project!

I also did a really easy quick project...no power tools were involved.  My lamp redo:  keep in mind no pictures were taken of the before....but trust me it was a very black lamp....here's it's new look:

This is after a second coat......and the final look is below:

I love it....and all it took was 3 coats of spray paint....well and a new shade!  EASY!

I will be DIYing more for sure!  My next project is a dining room table....painted, stained, and white washed...once its built!  If you want to see what I'm making you can check out my pinterest board here.  All the supplies are bought.....fingers crossed for some good weather so I can get this baby built!

Stay tuned for more info on my table progress and other DIY projects!



Kelly said...

Nice work!! Pretty soon, you'll be able to hire yourself out...and quit your day job :)

Laura Rafferty said...

Wow, I am so terrible at DIY! Good job!