Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Hungry Games #14....better late than never!

so ive lost track of my weekly post...i havent been the best at keeping up with weekly posts.  anyway last week my weight stayed the same this week looks like ill have a!  im getting frustrated because i get so close to my first goal & then i sabotage myself....the good ole emotional eater!
these get me everytime...grr why do i make them!

This post was put off only because the home pc died....but has now been brought back to life...thank you smart computer people!  Needless to say it seems like everything is falling apart/breaking all of a sudden!  Grr to that!  The computer went (now fixed) and of course now that summer is here the Wii broke....we had a tire situation because I NAILED and I mean nailed a pot hole square on.....ooh I need to get a pic of it tomorrow!  I think the whole van sunk in it...tire almost went flat and I instantly said to hubby doesn't the van feel different...sure enough....nearly a flat by the time I made it to our destination...YIKES!  Thanks to my dad and hubby who fixed it in the hot sun!

Moving on now......
On the bright side of things my PROJECT DINING ROOM TABLE is almost's a sneak peek.....a big shout out to my dad for all the help...this thing is one heavy beast....but she's mine (well thanks to some hard work and lots of help from my dad and brother)....a complete post on this will be done once she is home safe and sound :)

She is in the final stages of finishing....(break into song with me here) isn't she lovely....isn't she wonderful!  Much more to come....stay tuned!

Still losing...slowly!

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Kelly said...

Mmmm....cupcake, get in my belly :)