Thursday, September 1, 2011


So today I'm linking up with

Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop!

to show you some of my very own "Vintage" items I have laying around my house...

I had actually forgot I had these until I really started thinking
about "Vintage" items!

So first you have my green Depression Glass collection....yes...its small,
but it is something as a newlywed I found interesting
and so my hubby and I bought a few pieces
while we lived in Mississippi for a short time
(they have the best antique shops).

Then you have my sewing machine!  I bought this from my
brother in law's grandma's estate sale about 15 years ago for a whopping $8.00. 
And it works GREAT.....but I've hardly used it!
But plan on giving it a good work out here in the near future!
This lovely little napkin is from a wedding gift I received
over 11 years ago...yep I still have...and no I've never used them!
This is an awful picture I know....sorry!  But this is
a pillowcase from the same gift said above....they are
very beautiful and delicate and are usually never used!
And this Ball jar is from a gift my crafty sister-in-law
(although she's more of a great friend and can be found here --she's
awesome go follow her) gave me with a mix for a recipe attached.

Anyway that's my Vintage--ness if you will!

Now join me at the link at the top of this post so I can see some of your "Vintage" faves!!

I'm really loving these linky parties...can you tell!!!



Kelly said...

Awesome vintage treasures :) I would really have to go digging to find some of mine. The only things I can think of are the bottles above my sink, and the bobbins that I have my ribbon on...

Christie said...

Love the green dishes and that you got a sewing machine for 8 dollars!