Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Tuesday 10---10 Things I'd love to Knit!

Ok so I'm linking up again with Miss Mommy here

Miss Mommy

Since last week was Crochet.....I thought it'd only be appropriate
if I followed that with Knits....so here we go:
1.  A cute little knit cup cozy 

2.  A scarf that would be the best accessory for winter

3.  Socks.....oh but do they ever take so long....

Source: ravelry.com via Cathy on Pinterest

4.  Cute little baby knits....I love baby knits....
Source: fatsheep.nl via Cathy on Pinterest

5.  Afghans....so nice and winter is coming

6.  Fingerless gloves....

7.  Sweaters....for work maybe...I don't know I've only done
kids sweaters....hmmm...

8.  A cute little vest for my cute little boys 

9.  Something to make for Daddy and the boys to match.....

10.  This sweater is so cute with the pom-poms....love!

Well that is all from me again this week....next week I promise to wow you
with desserts that I want to make.....baking season is coming...and Pinterest
has so many yummy looking ideas!  Stay tuned!

Now Link up here!  You won't regret it! 
But you may get a little addicted!!


En4tainment said...

i love the Fingerless gloves.
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Kelly said...

Love them all, I miss knitting! Can't wait to see your baking picks :)

Pidg said...

Hey! Just dropping in from Miss Mommy, I'm a new follower! Love, love the scarf...please Fall come early...like now!

Kim@The Teacher's Lane said...

I love the pom pom sweater...how cute!

Nicole@MissMommy said...

Ohhh, I want those socks!. Thanks for linking up, and if you have some spare time and feel like making a pair of socks, you know where to find me ;) xx

Rebecca said...

I'm in LOVE with the knitted cozies!!! I really need to invest in one :)