Thursday, September 8, 2011

Book Love

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First I've loved to read as long as I can remember,
but lately I read mostly just for fun.

My mom used to read all the Jeanette Oke books and/or Lori Wick books
and I love all of those.....but lately I've been on a Nicholas Sparks
spree!  I have ready EVERY single book he has published (with the exception
of his book that will be available this October....but I will get my hands on
it as soon as its out!)!

So here are a few Nicholas Sparks I highly recommend.

Ok....first a book that I really enjoyed that is non-Sparks related.
Really gets one thinking....a must read!

Source: via Cathy on Pinterest

Now onto some Nicholas Sparks!!!

Message In A Bottle is the first Nicholas Sparks book I ever read,
and needless to say I was hooked from that book forward!

Source: via Cathy on Pinterest

Dear John.....all I can say is this book tells what true love will do!
Sobfest right here....fair warning!!!
Source: via Cathy on Pinterest

The Choice.....also a great book!!!  So so good!!!
Source: via Cathy on Pinterest

I never thought I'd read a biography cause well lets just
face it-----biography = BORING....but not this time!
It really made me see this author as a person!

Source: via Cathy on Pinterest

Anyway that's just a few books that inspire me....hope I've
inspired you to pick up The Shack or ANYTHING
Nicholas Sparks!

Happy Reading!


Kelly said...

Hmmmm...well, you know how I feel about "Dear John" :) One of these days I'll have to start reading again...Are you going to read "The Help"? It sounds like a pretty good book.

Cathy said...

Yeah I want to read "The Help"....but I'm trying to finish "Jane Eyre". I also want to read that one Jenny mentioned on FB..."Between Shades of Gray". Sounded so good.