Sunday, May 27, 2012's been a while!

I read a lot of blogs daily

and find myself wondering what is the purpose of my
little blog........

The truth is.....It's been a while since my last post.
Over 2 months to be exact!

I feel like I'm needing to find purpose in this....if there's any at all!

You see during the day......

I'm an employee......and not to myself!

I work a full time job and am gone over 40 hours a week!

My heart is really here:

with my husband and babes!

So as much as I hate to make my little
blog wait....I do.

Because reality for me is......
Mommy hat in the morning, then off to work, then wife/mommy
hat after work.......

Not to mention I'm expecting baby #4 and usually tired
by the end of the day.

Which leaves little time for blog posting!

Hopefully I will find purpose to this little blog
and be more faithful to posting something
at least weekly!

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