Sunday, July 22, 2012

a Mish-Mash of things

It's been a while since
my last post.

And although I always have a lot to
say.....blogging sometimes
leaves me....wordless.

So this will just be a mish-mash of thoughts/things.

My AWESOME sister in law made
baby girl (due in just 7 weeks)
these beauties:

There is one more brown...but
I thought 3 pictures would give you the idea!

Has anyone tried any Pinterest recipes, crafts, etc. lately?
I did.....these:

Sour Cream Chicken Enchiladas!

I will make them again!

I also have some upcoming ideas for the "girls" room
since Charity who is almost 10 and new baby
girl will have to share!  Here are some ideas:

So I plan on doing something like this......only
the walls will be gray and all accents will be in
purple, navy, and green.

I plan on covering some canvas with fabric....I found some great fabric at Wal-Mart
check it out :

Canvas idea pictured below:

After this is all done of course I will move on to the boys
room.....which I only know right now
will involve this poster:

And finally......hopefully this will be next weekends
project.....of course after working
a 40 hour work week.....getting
everyone packed for the upcoming
camping trip....and taking care of the
day to day
We shall see if it happens :)

But my dining room table:

Of course it will be painted white on the legs....cross beams and top stained mahogany!

This will hopefully happen....fingers crossed!

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