Sunday, September 9, 2012

Delivery Day

As I am quickly approaching my delivery date


This is whats on my mind:
After having my first child via c-section
I always beat myself up.  Feeling inadequate.
When I found out I was pregnant with my second I called
several different doctors offices to
see if they did VBACs.

The most profound statement came from the receptionist
that answered the phone--I'm sure she could tell from my
wavering voice I needed some peace:

She said:  "Honey--how you have a baby does not determine what kind
of mother you are.....good or have 18 years to prove
what kind of a mom you are."

Although I gained some comfort in was not all comforting.

I completely agreed with her statement.

Would a woman who could not have a natural born child who chose to adopt
be judged as negatively as someone who has had a c-section?

I doubt it.

So now as I approach my 4th (yes 4th) c-section.....I view things
differently.  Every birth story is matter how
that baby is born!

This birth story was beautiful to me--and was in a hospital and
via c-section:

So for me.......SEPTEMBER 10
will be a beautiful day of welcoming our 4th child
into our family--as she will be our last.

I am just grateful that I can say I've been blessed with 4 babies--
who cares how I had them....they are each
a gift from God that I'd never thought I'd have!


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