Sunday, March 10, 2013

Ready or Not we come!

I've been following The Lean Green Bean on
instagram and she does this
Sunday prep thing and well it kinda
got me thinking!  Like--should I accept this challenge??
 Honestly for me I was just wondering......
would this make my life easier
during the week?

It's not easy working full time and having 4 kiddos
plus a hubby (I don't do this alone) and
coming home and cooking a nice
meal for the fam.  Actually the hubby has been
doing most of that lately.

So this Sunday food prep thing has me inspired and here's
what I created to help get us through the week for
a few snacks and a couple of meals:

Waffles for the kids for a quick on the go grab breakfast.

Stuffed shells....sneaking in some Popeye food!  This will be 2 meals for our house.

These are my version of "Park Bars" that you can find over here at Peas and Thank you.

These are frozen yogurt trail mix bars from the The Lean Green Bean's blog.
This of course is not everything this little family will eat.
I've been doing a "food map"....something
I created a while back, it includes a blank calendar & a list of
50-60 meals I enjoy making and eating,
 So I'm putting it back into use.  It keeps me on track at
the grocery store and that way hubby and
I know what we are cooking for the week!

Well that's all I have for now.....thanks for stopping by!

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Kelly said...

Mmm...everything looks yummy! I'll take some of those stuffed shells, please ;)