Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Hungry Games #2

So I've started this little series about me losing weight.

I've joined Weight Watchers and to date have lost 10lbs
in 5 weeks!!! 

Soon very soon I will have this awesome healthy body!
Source: via Cathy on Pinterest

So while I'm working on are some tips/tricks on what has helped
me out thus far!

1.  Find a great program!  I know I've said it only a few times ;) But
Weight Watchers has an awesome program!  EASY TO FOLLOW!
Especially with a smartphone....the apps are awesomeness!

2.  Allow yourself a treat/indulgence.  This does NOT mean every day!
So what I do is allow myself a "treat" once a week.  Something I would
not normally eat/drink.....but only once.  And sometimes not even then.
Just don't blow it!  Remember NO food is worth your health.  Once
you've put the weight on its sooooo much harder to take off!  True
story....but then I'm not telling you anything you don't already know!

3.  PLAN PLAN PLAN!  If you don't have a plan you will fail! 
I don't mean as in #1--a program plan.  I mean MAP out
your day--your week--your life.  Hey I'm finding it works!

I found this great website The Lean Green Bean and she does this
Sunday Prep and has challenged!  But I've found when I
plan my week in food I have less stumbling blocks that come my way!

I stay on track and eat healthy foods!

She has this recipe and let me tell you it is AHHHH...MAZING!

All week I have craved these healthy treats!

Come on people if I can do this--ANYONE can!

A little less hungry,

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Kelly said...

Yay, keep up the GREAT work!! You might like this site, too...