Sunday, April 21, 2013

Hungry Games #7--Sun, Sand, and a Number 2

Well I've been on vacation
so there was no weigh in
this past week.  No worries
I will be sure to weigh in
on Tuesday and update
as usual on Thursday....well
that seems to be my ritual

So on with this vacation--it
was AMAZING!  It felt so
good to get away from the
everyday and hold my babies
for a whole solid week!  I
truly soaked in every minute
I could!

So here's a bunch of pics:

We started out driving into the SUN!

Path to a great vacation!


Tybee Pier

Lunch in Savannah at the Lady & Sons...Paula Deen's.
Rodanthe Pier.....Nights in Rodanthe!
Cape Hatteras Lighthouse!
The Sunny beach!
Vacation was great....but now its back to work work work!
Stay tuned for a food prep talk and some more vacation

Oh I almost forgot about that number 2.....Delilah has finally
graduated to Number 2 diapers!  YAY.....she's growing.
She's so little for 7 months going up a size in diapers
has me excited! 

See ya soon!

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Kelly said...

I'm so glad you guys had fun...I'm excite to see you on Sunday!

(The Word verification is working for me again...yay!)