Monday, April 22, 2013

Gideon--Cardiology Update

I've wanted to write a little bit
about Gideon and his little heart
for a while but just haven't really
quite known what to say.

So I'm just going to type....

Gideon had his regular follow-up
appt. on April 5th.  I was a little
anxious the previous week because
his original appt. was to be March 29.
We rescheduled due to a stomach bug.
Anyway we finally made this appt. and
I knew we'd be looking at an intervention
this year from his previous appt. & also
what the scheduling person had told me
was noted in the chart.

Anyway today we received a letter from
U of M, Mott's telling us on paper a
break down of his appt.  Seeing it in
writing seems to make the seriousness
of this more real to me.  As I try not to
worry, I've been basing my thoughts
about his little heart on what I see every
day--a happy, healthy boy!  Full of
energy....but definitely tired out by the
end of the day, climbing the stairs to
bed before the big kids.

Waiting for our turn at the ECHO.
Our view while waiting.
Grandma came along.
During the Echo.
Fast asleep--no sedation needed.
Snack after fasting for the Echo!

I realize that Gideon's situation is by no
means as bad as what some parents could be so much worse.
The kids' soccer coach told me today
that their little girl was born with a heart
defect and had open heart surgery at just
2 days old.  They were blessed with her
for 3.5 years.  Such a short amount of
time....I can't even imagine.

Anyway tonight I carried Gideon upstairs to
snuggle because he was clinging to me +
after reading the letter from the doctors + 
after a week of vacation and missing the
kiddos all was what I needed.

I sang to him--some silly songs and some
God songs as my kids call them.  He's so
sweet...he put his hand on my face and
said sing and then tried to sing with me.
Near tears...I tell ya...the way time just
zooms on by! Glad I snuggled him....time
stood still for just a few minutes!

Anyway, May 8th we will have another
heart cath with valvoplasty.  Please pray
for my sweet boy!


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Kelly said...

You had me in tears on this one. He's such a happy little guy...We love you Gideon!!