Saturday, April 27, 2013

Hungry Games #8--Plan A

So I'm weighing in with
everyone....and vacation did
me in.  Not so bad.....but I
could have done better!  I gained
this week--1.2 pounds.....not too
much but still a gain....grr!

So that has me on this mission
to lose quite a bit in the next
4 weeks.  Pretty steep goal...
Not sure if I will meet it or not,
but I'm making some changes to
ensure I don't set myself up for
failure!  I'll share the number
I have in mind and my 4 week 4 weeks :)

Anyway....I prepped a bunch of foods
this past Sunday for the week:

Food prepping has really been
helpful to me....not just to stay
on track dietwise....but also
for the family as a whole to have
healthy foods ready in minutes.

Also to prevent the "I don't feel
like cooking...let's run and grab
some junk food" mode from
kicking in!

Well, I weigh in again on Tuesday.
And I'm feeling like I won't have a
loss.  I'll see what the scale says
soon enough!

Thanks for dropping by!

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Kelly said...'s ok to gain a little bit on vacation. You're doing great!