Saturday, April 6, 2013

Things You May Not Know About Me! of may favorite bloggers
has a link up party going on over
on her blog.....go check her out
you WILL NOT be disappointed!

So I thought I'd join in with
Some Things You May Not
Know About ME!

1. I HATE toenails! And until
I was oh....20ish I used my
teeth to rid myself of them!
YIKES I know.  no worries
I now use clippers :)

2. I'm a recovering PEPSI
addict!  Had a regular
PEPSI for the first time
yesterday in over 2 or 3

3. I am NOT fond of animals,
all animals....

4. I've always wanted to be an
attorney.....still do!

5. I started a journey to weight loss.
Got a long way to go but I'm
on my way there....but its
going slowly!

6. I lack self confidence....not
sure why but I do.

7. I'm going to make a dining
room table.....this will be my
first ever DIY project!

8. I'm addicted to reality TV....
The Bachelor/Bachelorette and

9. I love to travel!

10. My favorite color is blue!

Well that's all for now.

Hope you enjoyed getting
to know me a little bit!



Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

loved this as a way to get to know you better! I think we all struggle with self confidence sometimes! I just wrote a whole blog post about stuff like this!

Kelly said...

I already know you, but this was fun :) You can be very confident that I can't wait to see you, we missed you guys!!