Friday, April 5, 2013

Hungry Games #5--MY FOOT HURTS!

So this week ended with a loss
of 1.6 pounds!  Yay.....but
still not how much I wanted!

I should tell you that I'm an
emotional eater and well to say
the least....the last couple of
weeks have been STRESSFUL!

So usually this has me making bad
choices.  I'm working on changing
that.  I've found if I get a chance to
work makes a world of
difference.  I feel so much better.
Not while I'm doing it of course
I feel like I'm DYING.

Anyway so I started the Couch
to 5K program on one of my
Pinterest boards here.  But I think
I may have been mistaken and should
be using the link below....

Anyway....on to this foot hurting
biz....its BAD!  It basically hurts
ALL.THE.TIME.  So I talked
with a nurse and she says....get
some of these:

 I ordered
some from AMAZON.  LOVE amazon!

Anyway this plantar fasciitis thing is
killing me.  She also said....TAPE IT!
Get some athletic tape and tape it &
keep it taped off and on for a few
weeks.  STAY OFF of it!  Keep it
elevated and NO going bare foot.
I HATE shoes and socks....what
am I going to do!  Plus not exercising
for a couple of months so it can heal.

We shall see how long I go with
those rules!  I was really liking my
Couch to 5K thing and getting
excited about flip flop weather!

Anyway....hungry and hurting :)

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Kelly said...

I've been using Kinesio Tape for my knee...and I think it is amazing. I got it off of Amazon, also.