Monday, June 17, 2013

The Hungry Games #13--Slow and Steady

it's been a while since my last post.  i don't want everyone to think i've given up....because i haven't.  the past two weeks have been crazy busy with the end of school year functions, my regular 9-5er, and well just other goings on and happenings....not to mention my little diy project!
my dad has been helping me....and let me just say i could not do this without help....i think i bit off more than i can chew.

okay anyway....a quick update on the weightloss front.  over the past two weeks i've lost 4 pounds.  i'm just a hair shy of hitting my first 20lb mark!  what! say what!  i know--right!  i'm so excited and that excitement just fuels me forward!  this journey seems to be slow...but steady!  and it's working!  for me what has worked is making sure i'm actually eating.  this time of year its so easy to eat good with fresh fruits and veggies.  for the first time in forever i feel like i can actually do this!  i'm going to lose weight and keep it off and reach my goal!  it may take me 2 or 3 years but i'm going to get there!  watch out world.....when i hit my first 20lbs you might hear my scream of excitement from my little corner of the world all the way over to wherever you are!

Now some pics of my last couple of weeks:

i painted a looked terra cotta(??) before firing and i love love love how it turned out!  the kids and i went to our first movie in the park....i am now in love with movies in the park....or just out door big screen movies!  my dad and i worked on the table (my mom also helped me the day before with cutting the wood)!  i made some strawberry freezer good!  a local farm....kohler farm grows and picks them and delivered them to me at nice.  i was thinking of taking the older kids with me to pick but i might just order some more and have them delivered.  and finally i made these tiny little cupcakes (all from scratch) here's the recipe go make these!  i promise they will not disappoint!



Kelly said...

You're a busy, busy girl ;) That's ok...that's how memories are made. And, let me just say how jealous I am of that fabulous table in progress!!

Cathy said...

Let's build you one next....I need next etsy!