Saturday, February 9, 2013


Life is busy around these parts!

Needless to say that leaves little time for me:

Me :)

My typical morning begins at 5:30 am
and ends....well whenever I happen to fall
asleep in the chair....usually around 11 pm.

I work a full time 9 to 5er job (boring...I know....but
hey it pays the bills and has allowed us to go on
some pretty amazing vacays!), have 4 kids, a hubby,
and a home to take care of.

(Amazing vacations pictured below....just 1 of the places we've been)
The Collusium in Rome-GLADIATOR!

You MUST see the pyriamids in EGYPT!
To say the least it gets crazy busy around here.
Anyway on to the PLUNGE!  Yep I did it
I jumped right in and joined
And so far.....its every bit what is says.....

I wasn't going to share this with anyone,
because I'm so afraid of failure.
But I'm facing my fears and well sharing with
the world...haha....not really
as you can see my pour little corner of the world
wide web is free if traffic...insert sad face here!
Anyway I'm eating ALL.THE.TIME!
My normal day consists of breakfast at
around 11am if I get it or I must
count my cup of unsweetened tea ( which I sweeten with equal) 
as breakfast...hey caffeine works
for me if that's all I can get in.
Lunch is usually a quick sandwich at home or from
a drive thru and a can of Mountain Dew or Pepsi (my true love),
and well dinner lately has been a bowl of cereal.

Now I'm eating a TON and so far in
just 3 days I've lost 4 pounds.
I know I know it may not be true weight....but more of
water weight or something like that....but hey
this eating all the time.....good food choices
breakfast lunch and dinner with healthy snacks
seems to be working so far!

I have goals.....but I'm not going to share them yet!
I hope to share those as I achieve them!

So please stick around and lend me some of your
encouragement, healthy recipes, go to
healthy snacks, and/or tips!

Wish me success!

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Kelly said...

Good for you, lady! I can't wait to hear all about your progress:)